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Actor, Singer, Dancer & Director

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About Me

My name is Alex Newcomb-Weiland, I grew up in the biggest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls! My family is heavily involved in the artist & restaurant scene. From working for the Community Playhouse in town to running three successful businesses, you might say we are a bit busy! But do we LOVE IT!

My mom is my best friend and the best listener, and my dad and grandma are the reason I have pursued theatre. I grew up watching my grandma "Bubbles" perform as a professional clown and listening to our collection of vinyl musicals on repeat with my dad; since then I've been obsessed with the arts. I currently work as the Education Coordinator for The Premiere Playhouse in Sioux Falls. It is incredibly fortunate to be working in a field I hold near & dear to my heart. Other than work I enjoy nature, traveling around the world, being goofy, watching animated films & gorging myself on all types of ice cream (dairy free, please). I hope to one day publish a series of children’s books. But for now, I am enjoying the journey of learning about myself & continuing to grow within my artistic & professional abilities! 

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What's The News?

New Year, New Motivation

Coming into 2022, I have challenged myself to continue to look inward & to live authentically. Things in our surroundings have been, chaotic, to say the least. And I want to live independently from that chaos. This year I am so pleased to be working on multiple different theatrical endeavors. From youth productions, to performance, to an All-Ability production. I can't wait to be working with the incredible Sioux Falls Theatre Community. 

2021 in Review

2021 was a jam packed year of theatre opportunities! Starting off in May with my first ever gig as a director. Directing a big show like Footloose as my first show was a load but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. It was the experience I needed to understand that I want to continue to pursue. Following Footloose, I dove into my new part-time gig as the Education Coordinator for The Premiere Playhouse. Starting in the Fall, I was contracted with Good Night Theatre Collective as a performer in Little Shop of Horrors and Into The Woods. The first premiered in November and the Second in April! 

I then got the most wonderful experience to direct one of my absolute favorite shows, Stop Kiss by Diana Son. Produced by Monstrous Little Theatre Company This show, cast, crew, company made every moment so special. The entirety of last year was full up learning, growing pains, triumphs and "heck yeah" moments. 

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